Wednesday Hiking Class Schedule
Spring 2010
Cabrillo College PE 37 Section 66189
Instructor: Phil Kaplan
Hotline: 477-3700 x1529 (check weekly since schedule may change or to leave messages)

Plan on arriving at 9:15 am at our meeting area. We leave in carpools at 9:20 am. Do not be late! If you are meeting us at the hike site you will need to consult with me ahead of time as to the location and time. “Cost Plus” as a meeting place refers to the Gateway Plaza Shopping Center at 450 River Street in Santa Cruz, not “Costco”. For the Cost Plus hikes, we meet in the middle of the parking lot between Cost Pus and Ross. Some of the hikes have very limited parking so carpooling is important. Always check my message machine (477-3700 X1529) for weekly updates. You can also contact me via e-mail.

Feb 10: Orientation at Cabrillo gymnasium

Feb 17: Coast at Wilder Ranch (meet at Cost Plus or main lot inside Wilder. $10 parking fee per car)

Feb 24: West Cliff and the Monarch Butterflies (meet at Cost Plus or Lighthouse Field restrooms. We will be walking on mostly pavement)

Mar 3: Henry Cowell (meet at Cost Plus or Probation Center on Graham Hill Rd.)

Mar 10: Pogonip (meet at Cost Plus)

Mar 17: Wilder Ranch 1 (meet at Cost Plus or main parking lot inside Wilder. $10 parking fee per car)

Mar 24: UC Santa Cruz (meet at Cost Plus or top of Spring St.)

Mar 31: Spring Break

Apr 7: Moore Creek (meet at Cost Plus or Delaware St. near Antonelli Pond)

Apr 14: DeLaveaga Wilderness Area (meet at Cost Plus)

Apr 21: Henry Cowell from Pogonip (meet at Cost Plus)

Apr 28: Wilder Ranch 2 (meet at Cost Plus or main parking lot inside Wilder. $10 parking fee per car)

May 5: Baldwin Loop (meet at Cost Plus or 4-mile Beach parking lot)

May 12: Nisene Marks (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts)

May 19: Land of Medicine Buddha (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts. Very limited parking at hike site)

May 26: Nisene Marks (meet at Cabrillo Tennis Courts)

June 2: TBA (To be Announced)*

*The last hike is during finals week and is scheduled at our regular day and time. Attendance is optional at this hike and can be used as a make-up for a previously missed class.

We may encounter poison oak, stinging nettle, ticks, wasps and mosquitoes on many of our hikes. Light-colored lightweight long pants and insect repellent are advisable. Always check for ticks and shower and wash clothes to avoid poison oak after each hike. Depending on the time of the year, expect muddy or dusty conditions. Bring plenty of water and energy snacks and wear sunscreen. Good footwear is required. Arrive early to use the restroom as we will be in areas without facilities.

See the course outline and website ( for additional information and class pictures.


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