Summer 2003 Friday Hiking Class Schedule
PE 37
Instructor: Phil Kaplan
Phone: 477-5201 x1529


June 13: Orientation and Upper Cabrilllo (meet at Cabrillo Gym)

June 20: Fall Creek (meet at Cost Plus)

June 27: Upper Arana Canyon (meet on Paul Sweet Rd. at OakwoodCemetery )

July 4: Holiday--No Class

July 11: Wilder Ranch from UCSC (meet at Cost Plus)

July 18: Pogonip (meet at Cost Plus)

July 25: Land of Medicine Buddha and the Enchanted Forest (meet at Cabrillo)

August 1: Nisene Marks (meet at Cabrillo)

August 8: Santa Cruz Circle Eastside Trail (meet at Cost Plus)


We meet each Friday at 9:00 AM. Departure is 9:15 sharp! If you are meeting us at the hike site you will need to consult me ahead of time as to the location and time. Updated information will be always be available on my office phone (477-5201 x1529).