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Cabrillo Extension or call 831-479-6331

Cabrillo Student Course Materials (Cabrillo College Credit Hiking program discontinued Spring 2011. Classes are now taught through Cabrillo Extension.)


hiking at beach
Photo by Sue Barthol

giant redwood tree
Photo by Steve Austen



We are accepting (working or not plus accessories) cellphones, iPods, MP3 Players, laptops, digital cameras, all small computer accessories, inkjet printer cartridges, energy bar wrappers (foil inside) and corks to help raise funds for the Orangutan Conservancy, Santa Cruz SPCA and Save Our Shores. Over 2500 cell phones, 50,000 corks, and 17,000 energy bar wrappers have been kept out of the landfill and refurbished or recycled in environmentally-safe ways through our program. They can be given to Phil. Read about the increasingly sad plight of the Orangutan (which is Malaysian for "person of the forest"). orangutan baby

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