January 10, 2009 Capitola Classic


Set Me! Picture

First Place: Set Me!


picture of the Monkeys

Second Place: Flying Monkeys


picture of Peonies

Third Place (tie): Peonies


picture of Stragglers

Third Place (tie): The Stragglers


picture of Raisins

Fifth Place (tie): The Raisins


picture of Stingrays

Fifth Place (tie): The Stingrays


picture of Ronins

Fifth Place (tie): Ronins


picture of Holy Shitake

Fifth Place (tie): Holy Shitake


picture of Lizards

Fifth Place (tie): Leaping Lizards


picture of Mark Mattern

Official Mark Mattern


For some nice action shots by John Bandhauer go here

Many items were left at the tournament. Email Phil if you lost something.

Next Capitola Classic is April 4, 2009. Registration is filling fast.