1st Place


Sonia Morrison, Helen Green, Mike Green, Brian Kincaid

Barry Lamé, Amy Sibiga



2nd Place

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Tracy Bachich, Tim Sullivan, Craig Gordon, Denise Pearsall, Kris Neveng,

and, of course, Big Head Todd Neveng



3rd Place (tie)

A Little of Both

Carol Lindstrom, Alan Urban, Roger Wallace, Garrett Fong,

Allison Hee, Haley Carter



3rd Place (tie)

Five Non Asians

Alicia Bertetta, Maleah Bertetta (shown in reverse), Josh Hathaway, Marc Bertetta, Krista Bertetta,

John Park




5th Place (tie)

One Day Only

Vu Ho, Roseanne Snyder, Samir Daoud, Susie Peoples, Drew Johnson,

Makiko,Julian White



5th Place (tie)


Leslie ("George") Pederson, Chris Burke, Kirk Swayne, Mark Schmidt,

Patty Truong, Katherine Hughes



Head Official Mark "What are you lookin' at pal!" Brewer




Finals: Uh-Oh d. Big Head, 15-9
Semis: Uh-Oh d. Five Non Asians, 15-7
      Big Head d. A Little of Both, 15-2
Quarters:  Five Non Asians d. XL, 15-6
         Big Head d. One Day Only, 15-9