Six recommendations for getting involved and making a difference in our world:

1. Critical to a democracy is staying informed and hearing dissenting points of view. Unfortunately, mainstream media (Fox Broadcasting, CNN, Clear Channel, the majority of newspapers and radio stations) offer little more than propaganda for the war machine and the corporate elite of this country. For a wide variety of alternative sources of information click here.

2. Signup for email and action alerts about critical issues facing us on a daily basis. Click here.

3. Click on these web sites (no charge to you) to make contributions to various causes including the environment, animals, the poor, abused children, HIV, landmine victims, breast cancer, etc. Click here.

4. Becoming part of the solution to global warming: The Carbon Fund and Terrapass

5. Volunteer. A well known politican once suggested that we could solve the majority of our social problems by everyone just volunteering one-half of a day once a week. Locally, call the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz at (831) 427-5070 for opportunities.

6. Read 100 Ideas to Save the Planet

If you have any other suggestions, be sure to contact us.