Besides a big thank you to the hundreds of participants in our fundraising activities, listed below are organizations and individuals
who have really made a special effort to help out over the years (apologies to any we may have missed):

Rowland Sushi Dave Bergevin  
Bronwyn and Rich Wyrsch Rene and Dan Denevan  
Mark Akin Bill Head  
Fey Custodio Mike Leimbach  
Craig Cocchi Kate Clark  
Ian Webb Dean Gump  
PJ Darling Mark Hull  
Blake Brehl Dan Monahan  
Suzanne McCourt Deb Hopewell  
Rick Oettinger Kara Steinthal  
Becky Russell Jeff Mick  
Janet Bolender Jack Watson  
Jim Tedsen Jennifer DeToy  
Andy Whitman Don Coolman  
Chris Thomas Mark MacDougall  
Bob Millet John Thomas  
Steven Rutherford Pete Burnight  
Gayle Ono Jon Paul Vivere  
Irene Greene    
Ricky Suemori Mark Hull  
Josh Mader Jenny Brewer  
Eric Hand Jan Sheehan  
Ben Wolfe Kim Marks  
Kirk Anderson Sue Broadston  
Tish Denevan Steve McEuen  
Drew Freeman Steve Oakley  
Surf City Coffee Industrial Volleyball League  
Ski Shop Santa Cruz Ristorante Italiano  
Eric's Deli  
Plantronics Intel  
Santa Cruz Seaside Company Dharma's Restaurant  
Cafe Cruz Cabrillo Farmer's Market  
Center for Lifestyle Management Las Animas Concrete  
Oneill's Surf Shop Outdoor World  
Pasatiempo Golf Course Aptos Burger Company  
Sports Design