Indoor Volleyball (16 weeks)
Cabrillo College
Phil Kaplan
Kin 54

Earning a Grade

This course requires active participation each day of class so it is important for you to attend every class session, arrive on time, and come prepared. Your participation not only enhances your own learning, it benefits other students in the class. Your level of participation is reflected in your grade and since you can’t participate if you are not in class, absences will also be reflected in your grade.

Earning an “A” grade: You must participate on a regular basis (generally defined as 85% of the classes) and complete a volunteer activity. Numerous volunteer activities will be presented by the instructor throughout the semester. See the Course Materials on my website for activities to choose from: Click on “Classes” then “Course Materials” then “Volunteer Calendar of Events” or “Volunteer at Home”. You must obtain the volunteer coordinator’s signature demonstrating that you completed the activity. Be sure to include your name on the verification form. Volunteer activities must be selected from the list on the website. Other activities are not acceptable. If you decide not to participate in a volunteer activity you will receive a P (Passing) grade for attending a minimum of 50% of the class meetings. Arriving late to class on a regular basis may influence your final grade. If you want to earn something besides an A or P grade, you will need to see me.

In the event of injury, extended illness, or other extenuating circumstances see the instructor.

It is the student’s responsibility for adding and dropping a course with the necessary paperwork being submitted to the Admissions Office; failure to do so may result in a “No Pass” grade. A “W” (Withdraw) grade cannot be given after 75% of the semester is completed.

See my web site ( for volleyball resources, frequently asked questions, class pictures and all course information.



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