Information and Items to Bring With You to a Tournament (list compiled by John Crawbuck)

Check In: 8:30am
Exact location of tournament in Santa Cruz:

Reminder checklist of things you might want to bring to the beach:

Chair, Umbrella, Blanket
Ball (It would be good for each team to have a ball. I have extras. Let me know if you need one.)
Sand Socks (sand gets very hot)
Sun Glasses
Most people play in bathing suits / boardshorts as it gets pretty warm..
It's cool in the morning: so fleece, sweatshirt, sweatpants
Extra clothes for afterwards to change into. There is an outdoor shower and rest rooms nearby.
Hat, sandals/flip flops
Sunscreen; Band aids/Tape; Trash bag
Quarters for meters if you choose to park on street ($1.50/hr). Change machine on street may work. Parking lot down the block = $10/day.
Food, Snacks (Sandwiches / raisins / power bars / bananas / grapes / trail mix)
Recommend eating: small portions - often - all day.
Cramping happens occasionally --> so bananas, sports drinks, etc.
A guy from the deli across the street comes around and takes orders in the morning if you don't want to bring your own lunch.
Water, Drinks (G2 or some sport drink) => Lots
I would recommend that each team bring a medium-sized cooler to supply those two people.
How much: Each player should drink minimally one 12oz bottle of a cold, tasty beverage every hour - preferably G2 to replace electrolytes. Since we play from 9-3 or 4 that's approximately 7-8 bottles per player or 14-16 per team cooler.

Some Special Tournament Rules:
Guy serves to guy; girl serves to either player
Over in less that 3 touches only allowed in emergency and will usually be called (maybe not so much in novice)
Loose hand setting allowed
Short court (8m x 16m); Men's height net; (same as NetApp)
Players referee some other games when not playing (very lightweight; really just score keeping)
The tournament director (Phil) will pull everyone together at 9am to go over the rules in detail as well as tell a few stories...;-).

Pool play in the morning - all at the same court
Pools of 4 or 5 teams; you play each team once.
Bracket play in the afternoon - at various courts
Based on your placement in morning pool
Guaranteed 5 games

Should leave bay area latest 7:30am
Need to check-in by 8:30am; could lose your spot after 8:45am
Usually finished by 3 or 4pm

There is metered parking on the street right near the tournament but you have to grab it early. If you get there at 8:15 or 8:30 you should be able to find a spot. It costs $1.50 an hour and you'll need quarters or dollar coins. There are coin machines around but I'm not sure how reliable they are, so you may want to bring a bunch of quarters. Meters start at 10am.

There is a parking lot down the street that charges $10 for the day but you'll have to carry your stuff the 2 or 3 blocks - many people opt to do this, though. It is located at Beach Street and Cliff Street.

photo of  Main Beach from airplane
Photo by John Parsons