Special "No Attitudes Allowed" Rules

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1. Go hard.
2. Have fun doing it.

3. It's a team effort.

4. Don't be cheesy.

5. Make friends with your opponents.

6. Smile whenever the tournament director walks by your court (new for 1998).

7. No current or previously CBVA rated players. Players should be of an intermediate-advanced skill level.

8. The player who gets too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.
9. Those with an "Attitude" at the tournament will be required to wear special equipment. No "trash talking" or continual arguing of calls. The spirit of this tournament is to go 110% but support one another including our opponents while we are doing it.

10. Loose hand setting standards when attempting to set your partner; double-hit, mishandled, side setting okay. No "deep dish" or carried balls. If hand set is used to send ball over the net, it must be perfect with no spin and shoulders (front or back) facing direction of released ball.

11. No open handed serve receive.
12. In coed, men should try to serve men; women are free to serve either opponent.
13. "Dumping" on 1 or 2 is not appropriate strategy for this tournament.
14. 5 minutes between games; no pepper on the courts. A team not ready to play after 5 minutes is penalized a point a minute.
15. Every team goes to playoffs. If you decide to leave early, let the tournament director know. First or second round losers in playoffs may have the opportunity to play in a third division called the "Tide Pool".Stay close to the tournament board during playoffs; it is your responsibility to hear your court assignment.
16. Tie breakers for teams tied after pool play.
More complete Playing Rules.