On Nov 12, 2007, at 9:40 AM, Debra Menges wrote:

Hi everyone,

Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with the director of St. Francis Catholic Kitchen located in Santa Cruz. The kitchen provides a bowl of soup and other foods five days a week, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year, except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

He said in addition to the food and fellowship, they have a free small Clothes Closet available to the people they serve. Most of their guests are men and they are allowed to visit the closet and take up to two items per day. The closet is practically empty and they are in desperate need of men's clothing, especially socks and shoes. He said don't throw any socks or shoes out no matter how old or ugly. As long as there are no holes in them, they will take them.

If you are in the area of the Kitchen, which is near Cost Plus market/Ross store, Lumberman's, in Santa Cruz, you can drop items at the Kitchen.
The address is 205 Mora Street. 459-6712.

Items can also be given to me or Phil.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Debra Menges

P.S. Please pass this on to anyone that might have a group needing a Community Service Project or Hours.