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Welcome Friends to Our Second Issue!

Thanks for taking a look at our newly-developing newsletter for the local volleyball community. Please feel free to contribute any relevant information (announcements, commentary, coaching tips, conditioning, injury prevention, you name it) to future editions. If at any time you would like to be removed from our subscription list just click on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom.

No Attitudes Allowed Tournament: With great weather and tons of enthusiasm, the spring tournaments have been packed. Click for results and photos. See full schedule of events here.

Keep it Clean: What is a "legal" set on the beach? Check out the controversy brewing in the Volleyball Forum in two different threads. Click here and here. While you are there be sure to get registered for the Forum. It is easy and free. (Because it is a free forum you will see some ads generally not worth looking at. Sorry about that!)

Banana Slugs and Anteaters: Not only do they have the best mascot names, they are among the best in Men's NCAA Volleyball. Read about UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine.

Classes: Want to take a really fun and challenging beach volleyball class over the summer? Click for the Schedule of Classes. Mark Brewer and Mark Mattern offer classes and clinics for kids of all ages. See the Santa Cruz Parks and Rec Activity Guide and the Capitola Rec Class Schedule.

Training Tips: Eric Hand, Exercise Physiologist, discusses Part II of conditioning for volleyball. Jennifer Brewer, Certified Nutritionist, discusses healthy food choices for volleyball players.

Share the Love: Our upcoming June beach tournament is a really great fundraiser. Over $31,000 has been raised for the Spinal Cord Society! This tournament is a sell-out each year so be sure to register early.

Grass Volleyball: Check out the 31st Annual Marina Green Open in San Francisco and other upcoming tournaments.

High School Offiicating: If you would be interested in becoming an official, call Mark Brewer at 831-818-7163.

Get Connected: Here's some links to volleyball groups and email lists near San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Pro Beach Volleyball: Karch Kiraly's Corona Wide Open will be stopping at Santa Cruz the weekend of June 27-28. Many levels of play. Click here for information or call Tournament Director Mark Hull at 831-724-3674. Also see the schedules for the CBVA and Harbor Beach tournaments.

Health Warning: Did you know most suncreens are dangerous? Type in your brand in the Environmental Working Group database to check level of potential health hazard.

Pay it Forward: Don't forget about the monthly beach cleanups by Save Our Shores from Half Moon Bay to Monterey. See their monthly calendar.

Looking forward to a great summer ~Phil

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Carlie Ware, Ian Webb, Bonnie Thomas, Roger Hsu




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