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photo of Dirk hitting
Photo of Dirk Blyston and Joel Hernandez by John Bandhauer


Welcome to Our Fourth Issue!

Thanks for taking a look at our newly-developing newsletter for the local volleyball community. Please feel free to contribute any relevant information (announcements, commentary, coaching tips, conditioning, injury prevention, you name it) to future editions. If at any time you would like to be removed from our subscription list just click on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom.

Special Note: Just at release time came word of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This earthquake is one of the world’s most severe disasters in terms of human suffering. If you would like to help, Doctors Without Borders is a great organization to support.

Good-Bye, Rowland: One of the biggest losses this year is the retirement of Rowland from maintenance of the Main Beach courts. For over 10 years, Rowland worked at building us a world-class facility. And, he did this as a volunteer! Read his letter to the volleyball community.

Upcoming Beach Tournaments: Another big year of No Attitudes Allowed is planned with monthly events from March to November. See the full schedule of events. Results and photos of previous tournaments are also available. See Mark Hull's comments about the new ball this year and his CBVA Schedule.

Banana Slugs and a National Championship? With a very talented team this year, including many local players, we may see the UC Santa Men's Volleyball Team go all the way to the NCAA Division III title. Check out their home page. Incidentally, we should find out in the next day or so if sand volleyball is going to become an NCAA sport.

February Beach Volleyball Class: Do you want to take a really fun and challenging beach volleyball class twice a week for 4 months for only $52? See our Schedule of Classes. Mark Mattern teaches kid's classes for all ages. Call him at (831) 689-9972. In future issues we will highlight some of quality Club programs in the area.

Training Tips: Eric Hand, Exercise Physiologist, discusses strength exercises for volleyball. Jennifer Brewer, Certified Nutritionist, discusses an essential component for a healthy diet.

Making a Difference: Grey Bears, near the Santa Cruz Flea Market, accepts all forms of E-Waste (computers, monitors, TVs, etc and their components) which are recycled to feed thousands of senior citizens every month. Go here for information. Old cell phones can be given to Phil to help raise funds for the Orangutan Conservancy.

Indoor Tournament: The April 3, 2010 Capitola Classic features a dual format. The tournament starts off with Traditional Coed in the morning and then switches to Reverse Coed in the afternoon. Be sure to register early as only 8 teams are accepted.

Get Connected: Here's some links to volleyball groups and email lists near San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Health Warning: Do you know the Seven Foods of Death? Check out this article by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Give Back to the Ocean: Save Our Shores is looking for Sanctuary Stewards. The Docent Program starts next month.

Daylight Savings time and the return of summer is just around the corner. Okay, so it is not for another 8 weeks but I'm sure looking forward to it! ~Phil

kaely diving I
Photo of Kaely Costanza by John Bandhauer






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