People and Sponsors who help make the "No Attitudes Allowed" happen:


Mr. Main Beach, Rowland Sushi



Webmaster: Ian Webb



Bronwyn Wyrsch with perfect passing form

Look at that concentration by Fey Custodio



Event Staff: Mark Akin, Mike Leimbach, Blake Brehl and Jeff Jacobs


Drew Freeman

Technical Support: Drew Freeman

pic of pete burnight

Photographer: Pete Burnight


pic of john bandhauer

Photographer: John Bandhauer

pic of chris thomas

All kinds of help: Chris Thomas



pic of craig cocchi

Tournament Registration:
Craig Cocchi


Tournament Registration: Deb Hopewell, Fey Custodio, Irene Greene and John Thomas


Tech Support: Dave Sieburg, Steven Rutherford, Pete Burnight, Nancy McKeown, Gayle Ono, Steve Hardin

Equipment: Bob Millet

Patrick "never a discouraging word" Simmons
and The Lizzard Tournament

David Warren, Francine Van Meter, and Ron Hetzler of the Cabrillo Teaching and Learning Center Susan Williams and The Williams Company
Net Setup: Ernesto Castro, Hector Campos, Leon Petty, Michael Johnson

Photographers: John Bandhauer, Greg Johnson, Chuck Polley, Ian Webb






Jerry's Sports
 volleyball store of Los Gatos

Santa Cruz Seaside Company and Boardwalk

Squid Ink

Aptos Burger Company