Here you'll find testimonials from folks who love Phil's classes, tournaments, and great "No Attitudes" philosophy (to write your own Testimonial click here )

everyone loves phil

I am one of the long time members (22 years) of
Phil's indoor class. He has guided me, chided me,
and laughed with me, and made me into a better
volleyball player. His kind heart drives the sport,
and i could not be prouder to be a No Attitudes member!
Suzanne M.

No Attitudes volleyball is great because of the good fun and camaraderie involved! Its a super family sport, and you've got the beach, the ocean, the good people-and Phil! What more could you want? See you at Main Beach!
Rene D.

You can't beat these tournaments! Sun, volleyball, the beach, and great people. It's always a fabulous day, win or lose!
Chrissy M.

Hot, sore, sandy, salty, bruised and battered. That's why I'm here! Thank you Phil and Rowland
Kim G.

Phil does a great job running these tournaments. The work for charity is commendable, hats off to you! The people are incredibly friendly, and you meet tons of them. A great day at the beach for a good cause, what more could you ask for?
Pete Y.

Phil Kaplan has the best attitude in Beach Volleyball.
Andy A.

Thanks Phil! When we first moved to Santa Cruz we knew next to no one, but after taking your classes we had an instant community full of fun-loving, no attitudes volleyball playing fanatics. If you've never taken Phil's classes or played in his tournaments, go for it! But beware, you will be addicted.
Eric H.

Your classes have so much going for them---they are fun, informative and challenging. I have never had so much fun exercising so hard. Thanks Phil!

Tourn: always fun. You're guaranteed to play at least 5 games and having Phil yell on the microphone. Classes: are great because no matter what level you are you can play people that will challenge you and help make you a better player.
Amanda S

This is my first tournament. What a great time! Very competitive play. Great attitudes. Real friendly people. I can't wait to play next month.
David M.

This is the most fun I've ever had in any sport. The people, the place, the sport and the organizer, Phil Kaplan, make this a great day on the beach. I only hope to be able to keep "No Attitudes" going after Phil becomes a full time hiker. Happy Trails!
Joe V.

Volleyball has introduced me to one of the most amazing communities I have ever been a part of. When I moved to Santa Cruz I wanted to find a way to meet new people in a healthy environment; Phil's classes and tournaments have provided me with more than I ever could have imagined; including an excellent venue for my dance moves.
Kory P.

I have been a competitive athlete my whole life: I was a bit unsure that no attitudes volleyball would be fun or challenging. It is both. Not only have I become a more skilled player, but I am having more fun than I've ever had at any level of any sport. And on top of that, I have found a community of treasured friends who support me & laugh with me. Phil Rocks!

We were hoping to play every tourney this year (as usual), but my vacation schedules are making it difficult.  June is just not possible (wedding in New York). July will require me leaving the family vacation in Tahoe to fly in for the tourney (which is the current plan). August will require me letting the family drive to San Diego by themselves.... with me driving down there just after the tourney in time to make the baptism Sunday (I'm the Godfather)... etc.
All this is not just to brag or anything... mainly just a "kudos" (I actually hate that word, but can't think of another) to show how much we love to play this tourney and what we do (also considering Dan lives in Portland) to play in it each month.
It is awesome that you have kept this tourney going strong so long. We really hope you can keep it "alive".

Tom B.

I've had the pleasure of learning to play volleyball in Phil's beach and indoor classes for almost 3 years now. I've also made a lot of great friends in the process. Thanks Phil for all you have done!
Steven R.

Phil, thanks for bringing the joy of no attitude volleyball into my life! I've had a great time in your beach and Monday night classes.
Tish D.

Phil has made Volleyball players out of so many great folks in Santa Cruz! Come join the action.
Sue B.

Not sure about the Pink Watch Phil wears but he's still a great instructor and I always enjoy both indoor & outdoor classes. Thanks Phil!
John P.

Phil has an amazing ability to make volleyball engaging for everyone of all levels. His teaching ability is inspirational and makes everyone reach their highest potential. There's a reason why there's a waiting list for every class + tournament he does. He is one of a kind!
Maryanne R.

For over 20 years Phil Kaplan has been my volleyball coach. I took my first class in 1986 and now look forward to beginning every summer with No Attitudes classes and tournaments. Whether it's improving basic skills, learning advanced techniques, conditioning, or a new perspective on the game, Phil brings out your best and does it with a smile!

I've been 20+ years in this same class. Why? Phil is the greatest! My teammates are a blast. And I have even learned some volleyball skills. Tons of fun.

Phil is one of the most caring and fun loving coach/person I have ever met. I am lucky to know him. His classes are the best. No matter what level you are at you will always learn something.

We have been in Phil's class over 20 years and he is as awesome today as he was then. Phil's dedication to the human experience of life, social concerns, as well as the love of the game make him a wonderful asset to all whom he comes into contact. We will all be around him as long as we can pass, set, hit!

The greatest stretching preparations before volleyball make taking Phil's classes a joy! Wonderful attitude and philosophy on playing in the moment.

I started playing volleyball regularly after I turned 30 and Phil created a supportive environment for learning. Now 18 years later I am still playing and loving every minute.

Good combination of volleyball skill and conditioning and teamwork for beach volleyball.

Four years ago I was living on Beach Hill. I was very impressed with the volleyball beach play on Main Beach. I had never played and did not believe that I could play the game. That all changed after taking Phil's class. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Bill B.