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CIS 81 Network Fundamentals

CCNA Introduction to Networking

Rick Graziani, Instructor

CIS 81 Syllabus and Course Materials - Fall 2018

Note: Schedule subject to change

Note: I am updating this course during the Fall 2018 semester. The course will now include YouTube video playlists. My YouTube channel will be updated during the semester with dozens of short videos explaining key course topics.



Class: 8 weeks Aug 28 - Oct 16, 2018

     In-person:       Tuesdays     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828

     Before-class:    Watch YouTube videos (Rick's channel) + do quizzes on Canvas

     After-class:     Readings, Cisco NetSpace Exams + other assignments (Packet Tracer, etc.)


Week 1: Aug 28

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828

                    Course Introduction

                    Chapter 3: Network Protocols and Communications

                    Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 3 Exam

                    Packet Tracer:

     Usually will be done before-class but in-class this week:

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Networking Basics > OSI and TCP/IP Models

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Networking Basics > Encapsulation - Basics

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Networking Basics > Encapsulation - Layer 2 address versus Layer 3 address  


                    Read      Chapter 1

                              Chapter 3

                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 1 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:         


Week 2: Sep 4


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Ethernet > Part 1: Ethernet - A Mutliaccess Broadcast Network

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Ethernet > Part 2: Ethernet Frame

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Number Systems > Hexadecimal Number System

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Ethernet > Part 3: Ethernet MAC Address

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Ethernet > Part 4: Ethernet Hubs and Switches, Collision and Broadcast Domains

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Switching Basics > Switch Forwarding Methods

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Switching Basics > Speed and Duplex

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828

                    Chapter 4: Network Access

                    Chapter 5: Ethernet (5.1)


                    Read      Chapter 4

                              Chapter 5

                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 4 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:

Week 3: Sep 11


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: MAC Address Table > Part 1 and Part 2

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: ARP > Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 or IPv6 > Part 1: Examining IPv6 and IPv4 headers

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Routing > Part 1: Packet Forwarding and Routing Principles

                                             Note: Includes ITN 6.2 and RSE Ch 1.2/1.3

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Routing > Part 2: Routing Table Basics

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Routing > Follow the Packet

                                             Note: Show animated following a packet across networks - old animation

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828


                    Chapter 5: Ethernet (5.2)

                    Chapter 6: Network Layer (6.1, 6.2)


                    Read      Chapter 5

                              Chapter 6


                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 5 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:


Week 4: Sep 18


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IOS > Cisco IOS (Part 1 through Part n)  

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IOS > Cisco IOS: Configuring Router Interfaces (IPv4 and IPv6)

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828


                    Chapter 6: Network Layer (6.3, 6.4)

                    Chapter 2: Configuring a Network Operating System


                    Read      Chapter 6

                              Chapter 2


                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 6 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:


Week 5: Sep 25


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Number Systems > Binary Number System  

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 > Part 2: IPv4 Address Structure - Network and Host

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 > Part 3: IPv4 Subnet Mask and Logical AND Operation (*

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 > Part 4: Destination IPv4 Address - Local or Remote?

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 > Part 4: Types of IPv4 Addresses

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 > Part 5: IPv4 Addresses: Network, First Host, Last Host, Broadcast*

                    Watch:         YouTube: IPv4 > Part 6: Python application: IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting*

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv6 > Part 2: IPv6 Address Structure - Prefix and Interface ID

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv6 > Part 3: IPv6 Address Structure - Prefix Length

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv6 > Part 4: Destination IPv6 Address - Local or Remote?

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv6 > Part 5: Types of IPv6 Addresses

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: ICMP > Part 1: ICMPv4 and ICMPv6

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 or IPv6 > Part 5: Dynamic Address Allocation - IPv4 versus IPv6

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828


                    Chapter 7: IP Addressing


                    Read      Chapter 7


                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 7 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:


Week 6: Oct 2


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 1: What is subnetting and why do it?

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 2: IPv4 Subnet Mask and Logical AND Operation (*

                                                       Notes: Show topology

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 3: IPv4 Addresses: Network, First Host, Last Host, Broadcast*

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 4: Subnetting a /16 network into /24 subnets

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 5: Subnetting into /27 subnets - Same Host, New Subnet

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 6: Subnetting into /27 subnets - New topology

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 7: Subnetting into /27 subnets - Range of Subnets/Hosts

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv4 Subnetting > Part 8: Python application: IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting*

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: IPv6 > Part 6: Subnetting IPv6 prefixes (so easy!)

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828


                    Chapter 8: Subnetting IP Networks


                    Read      Chapter 8


                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 8 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:



Week 7: Oct 9


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 1: TCP versus UDP

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 2: Port Numbers

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 3: Socket Pairs

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 4: Session Establishiment - TCP 3 way handshake  

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 5: TCP Reliability - Sequence Numbers and Acknowledgement Numbers

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 6: TCP Flow Control - Window Size

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 7: TCP Flow Control - Sliding Windows

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 8: TCP Resending Lost Segments (simple example)

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: TCP and UDP > Part 9: TCP Resending Lost Segments using SACK

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828


                    Chapter 9: Transport Layer


                    Read      Chapter 9

                              Chapter 10

                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 9 Exam

                              Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 10 Exam

                              Packet Tracer:


Week 8: Oct 16


                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Network Applications > HTTP/HTTPS  

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Network Applications > DHCP

                    Watch/Quiz:    YouTube: Network Applications > DNS

     In-class:      Tuesday     5:30pm - 9:30pm     Room 828

                    Chapter 10: Application Layer

                    Chapter 11: Build a Small Network


                    Read      Chapter 11

                    Do:       Cisco NetSpace: Chapter 11 Exam

                              Cisco NetSpace: Final Exam and Course Feedback


                              Cisco NetSpace: Practice Final Exam

                              Cisco NetSpace: Practice CCENT

                              Cisco NetSpace: Practice Skills Based Exam



Vidoes and PowerPoints

Course Videos (Updated during the Fall 2018 semester:

     CCNA Introduction to Networking Playlist     Complete YouTube Playlists

Presentations (PowerPoints)

     Chapter 1: Explore the Network          Chapter 2: Configure the NOS          Chapter 3: Network Protocols and Communications

     Chapter 4: Network Access               Chapter 5: Ethernet                   Chapter 6: Network Layer

     Chapter 7: IP Addressing                Chapter 8: Subnetting IP Networks     Chapter 9: Transport Layer

     Chapter 10: Application Layer           Chapter 11: Building a Small Network