CS 1 Course Information

CS 1 Course Information for Fall 2014


Contact Information

  • Rick Graziani
  • Email: graziani@cabrillo.edu
  • Office: room 826B
  • Phone: 831-477-3533

Class Information

  • Wednesdays, 2:10PM - 5:10PM
  • Room 609

Text and other Materials

  • No text required
  • Notebook and Paper


Classroom Policies

In order to make our class a comfortable and encouraging learning environment for everyone, everyone is expected to abide by the following policies.


Class Policies - General

  • Please treat other students, the instructor, and guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Please do your best to be on-time for class. If you are late, enter quietly and find out what you missed from another student.
  • Please listen when others are speaking.
  • A student who misses 3 weeks of classes may be dropped from the course.
  • Bigotry and prejudices of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Any unprofessional conduct or rudeness will not be tolerated.
  • Communications with others including discussion areas and email, will be done in a professional, courteous, and polite manner.

Class Policies - Use of Computers, Cell Phones, Pagers, PDAs, Laptops, etc.

  • Computers, Cell Phones, Pagers, PDAs, laptops and similar devices may not be used during class. 
  • We want to focus on the course curriculum and not have other distractions.
  • For the courtesy of others, put all pagers and cell phones on silent mode or turn them off.
  • If you need to take a call, answer the call outside of the classroom.
  • No computers, PDAs, laptops, or similar devices may be used during class unless approved by the instructor.
  • No email, text messaging or instant messaging allowed during class, except during breaks.
  • No inappropriate (rude, sarcastic, demeaning, negative) comments or remarks.

If you cannot abide by these policies, please withdraw from the class.



Overall Grades

  • 25% - Assignments
  • 25% - Midterm Exam #1
  • 25% - Midterm Exam #2
  • 25% - Final Exam


  • Cabrillo students may take this course for Credit/No Credit Option. 70% and above is required for a Credit.
  • The student is eligible to receive a passing grade (A, B or C, or a Credit) if all of the following criteria are met:
    • Midterm and Final Exam must be completed
    • Completion of 70% for Homework Assignments
  • Students that have missed the equavilent to three weeks of class may be dropped from the course.

  Getting Help

Please don't hesitate to see me if you need some help, have some questions, or just want to talk about networking. I am always available during my office hours and also by appointment. You can call me at any time, my number is 479-5783, although email always works best. If I am not in, please leave a message letting me know what are the best times to call you back. You can also get in touch with me using email: graziani@cabrillo.edu And you can even come by, just to say hello!

As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. If you have a disability that requires accommodations for this class, please contact the Learning Skills Program at 479-6220 or (for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder) disabled Student Services at 479-6379, to make arrangements as soon as possible.

The Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) offers a variety of services to enable students with disabilities to function independently in the educational environment. The objectives of our services are to integrate and mainstream students with disabilities into general campus programs and activities.

The following services are provided to students enrolled through the Disabled Student Services Office: counseling and advising, tutorials, academic support, referrals and coordination, classroom aides, readers, interpreters, note takers, special classes, special equipment, on-campus transportation, special parking, priority registration, test proctoring, liaison with local, state and federal agencies, specialized adaptive equipment, and high tech center with computer adaptations.

Office Numbers: (831) 479-6379 or (831) 479-6370 
(831) 479-6421 (TTY for hearing impaired)


  To Be Arranged Hours: 3 hrs 10 min - Room 1400 (CTC)
  • This is time where you can perform other instructional activities not included in the lecture.
  • This is an additional instructional opportunity for you beyond what is covered in the lecture.
  • This is NOT homework and you are NOT required to turn any of these activities.
  • This includes but is not limited to the following activities:
    • Additional research of lecture topics.
  • All students are required to sign the Students' Hours by Arrangement form indicating that they understand this.

Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze and evaluate the physical and logical components of modern computer systems.
2. Write, document, test, and debug simple computer programs, making use of variables, expressions, and selection statements.