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Understanding IPv6 can seem a bit overwhelming at first. In my IPv6 book (new second edition) and video series I tried to take simple approach to understanding IPv6 but I also wanted to include the necessary details. The links above include other books and videos besides my own. Of course, I have to do a little shameless plugging of my own. :)

This site contains supplementary resources and other information for IPv6, including some extensive and animated PowerPoint presentations. I will continually add and improve the information on this site, so please return often. If you would like to be added to my email list when to know about updates, additions and other information please send me an email, graziani@cabrillo.edu.

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IPv6 Fundamentals - Book (Second Edition)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to IPv6

Chapter 2 IPv6 Primer

Chapter 3 Comparing IPv4 and IPv6

Chapter 4 IPv6 Address Representation and Address Types

Chapter 5 Global Unicast Address

Chapter 6 Link-Local Unicast Address

Chapter 7 Multicast Addresses

Chapter 8 Basics of Dynamic Addressing in IPv6

Chapter 9 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC)

(Chapter 9 includes a lot of information including why

devices may have multiple Global Unicast Addresses, and

how to limit a device to only GUA address.)

Chapter 10 Stateless DHCPv6

Chapter 11 Stateful DHCPv6

Chapter 12 ICMPv6

Chapter 13 ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery

Chapter 14 IPv6 Routing Table and Static Routes

Chapter 15 EIGRP for IPv6 (Including Address Families)

Chapter 16 OSPFv3 (Including Address Families)

Chapter 17 Deploying IPv6 in the Network

Appendix A Configuring NAT64 and IPv6 Tunnels

Appendix B IPv6 Command Quick Reference (Cisco IOS,

Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

Appendix C Answers to Review Questions

IPv6 Fundamentals - Video (LiveLessons)

Table of Contents

1: Introduction to IPv6

2: Comparing IPv4 and IPv6

3: IPv6 Address Format

4: IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses

5: IPv6 Link-Local Addresses

6: IPv6 Multicast Addresses

7: SLAAC (Stateless Address Autoconfiguration)

8: DHCPv6 (Stateless, Stateful and Prefix-Delegation)

9: ICMPv6

10: ICMPv6 ND (Neighbor Discovery)

11: IPv6 Routing Tables and Static Routes

12: EIGRP for IPv6 and Named EIGRP Configuration

13: OSPFv3 (OSPFv3 and OSPFv3 with Address Families)