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Rick's Networking Links



•      Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

•      Jon Stewart - Verizon iPhone Announcement

•      TED Talks - The shared experience of absurdity

General Technology

•      Ted Talks - Patty Maes, Wearable Tech

Cloud Computing and Big Data

•      What is Big Data?

•      Explaining Big Data

      SF Data

•      Cloud computing - Changes to computer thinking

•      Internet Archive: Wayback Machine (link)

Network Neutrality and Related Issues

•      John Oliver: Net Neutrality

•      TED Talks - Filter Bubbles

     John Oliver: Government Surveillance

Dark Net and Anonymous

•      BBC Documentary 2015 - Inside the Dark Web

•      The Hiddent Internet - Exploring the Deep Web

•      Joseph Cox: The Deep Web Isn't All Dark

•      Jamie Bartlett: "The Dark Net" - Talks at Google

•      Who is Anonymous? - The Origin - Full Hacktivist

•      Anonymous: Who is Anonymous.

•      Who is Anonymous & How to become Anonymous

Security and Cryptography

•      What are DDoS attacks? DDoS Explained

•      You are an IT Hero

•      Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes (good but talks fast)

•      How asymmetric encryption works

•      Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (advanced)

•      Norse Attack Map (link)

•      VPN - Virtual Private Networking

•      What is VPN (advanced)

•      The Enigma Code (UC Davis)  


•      BGP Route Leaks (link)