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Instructor, Computer Science/Networking
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Farley Surfboards

The main board that I ride is a 10 foot Noserider by Pat Farley. Mickey Munoz on Nose Riding: "Noseriding means different things to different people, and it is all noseriding. I happen to have come from the old school and was brought up on Malibu. To me, Hanging Ten is noseriding and the stance is more parallel than perpendicular to the board."

I am a "Team Rider" for Farley Surfboards. This means that I give Pat his wake-up call for dawn patrol, get lots of free Coca-Cola, and attend the Team meetings at various Mexican restaurants.


Pat is a very good friend and has been surfing Santa Cruz since the 1950's. In 1989, Pat Farley reintroduced the Longboard to surfing with the opening of Santa Cruzin, the first ever longboard-only surf shop. In 1994, he received Writer of the Year award for his book Surfing to Saigon a book which tells his story of going from living the free and easy lifestyle of hanging 10 at Cowell's to a Ranger in Vietnam. Pat Farley takes the viewer through the history of surfing in Santa Cruz, from the original beach boys who began surfing Cowell's in the 1930s on paddleboards to the present day with world class surfers who live only to noseride and hang 10. Featured Surfers: Michel Junod, Rene Ouelette, Jeff Belzer, and Michelle Scott, plus legends: Harry Mayo, Bob Gillies, Bill Grace and Buster Stewart.

Soon to be released movie, Between the Lines: Two surfers and the Vietnam War, featuring Pat as one of the surfers who went to Vietnam. Check out Pat's site at!


Pat Surfing