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Email: rakaupp@cabrillo.edu

Phone:  831-479-6542


BUS20: Intro to Business
93175 MW 9:30 A - 10:50 A

93178 TTh 9:30 A - 10:50 A

BUS52: Communications
93184  Online Calss

BUS9: Business Statistics
93190 Th 6:30 P - 9:30 P

BUS82: Marketing
93186 TTh 11:10 A - 12:30 P

Office Hours (Room 510B)
M - Th  8:30 A - 9:30 A

Th        5:30 P - 6:30 P

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I spent over 20 years working in the private sector before switching to community college education. I started working on brands, including Centrum and Stresstabs, then moved over to the technology industry, at Apple Computer.

I left Apple to start my own company, which I sold four years later. I did four other startups, including Digital Impact (DIGI), which went public in 1999, and BroadWare, which was sold to Cisco Systems in 2007.

I’ve been teaching business and marketing in the California community college system since 2005, and completed my dissertation, earning a doctorate in educational leadership at San Francisco State University
in 2011.


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