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UC Santa Cruz Connection

My homepage at UCSC Astronomy. I've been, as life permits, a visiting researcher and lecturer at UCSC, where I've carried on my research interests. Here's a vitae of my research publications. Also, Google "Richard Nolthenius" you'll come up with all kinds of stuff. Here are two of the papers I've published in cosmology:

--Mixed Dark Matter- ApJ Letter

--Mixed Dark Matter - Full ApJ Paper


Rick Nolthenius

Contact info: (my Salsa page!)

Office: 706a 

Fall '20 "Office" Hours: Mon 11-noon, 5-6pm @ office, Tue 6:15-7:15pm (@ 706a), Wed 11am-noon at 706a, Fri 5-6pm

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Curriculum Vitae , Journal Publications on Google Scholar, and Scientific Commons (partial list only), and on ResearchGate and here . Me in my office, when I first joined the college in 1986




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