Central Coast High School Environmental Coalition

Conference at Santa Cruz High School

May 20, 2017

The dedicated environmental students from the Kirby School put on a small conference, inviting speakers to help educate and have a question/answer session. Dedicated! Yes, since it was a beautiful Saturday morning and the outdoors beckoned. I gave a talk on current climate science and a quick view of climate actions necessary, and an invitation for students to sign up for my Astro 7 "Planetary Climate Science" course. Other speakers from UCSC's graduate programs described work on the Antarctic ice sheet, on sea birds and pollution, on the Global Student Embassy program, and on desalination's effects on local sea environment in San Diego. And high school speakers on moral frameworks for judging environmental action

My 20 minute presentation is here

IPCC projections of Arctic Ocean sea ice were dramatically too optimistic

Student participants listen to the sobering news of the latest science

Another speaker talked of her research on discovering under-ice rivers in Antarctica