Every Spring now, Cabrillo College invites all 4th grade classes in the county for a day of exploring Cabrillo and meeting with instructors who will share their passion for their chosen field, and help inspire them to become young scholars and future college students. It's a great experience for me too, and I look forward to the enthusiasm of the kids. This year, we started at the planetarium, with a quick presentation, then a nature walk to the wild side of campus and to Cabrillo Observatory, where I showed off the telescopes, computers, and how we take all the beautiful photos my students have made, and we've mounted on the walls of the dome building. Thanks, kids, for making my day! We all had a great experience.

After a long walk... OMG! There it is!

The race is on!

Looking out through the dome opening, under the dome of the 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope