The Citizen's Climate Lobby (and Santa Cruz Chapter) and also the Campaign for Sustainable Transportation both had tables set up for Earth Day at San Lorenzo Park. Many people from CCL helped here, including Jack, Joy, Diane, Bruce, and Polly (sorry if I forgot anyone). I too, helped educate people on CCL's mission, the urgent need for a strong carbon tax to motivate lower carbon emissions, and also the need to make low-carbon alternatives with the money being considered for transportation needs in Santa Cruz County - for example the Rail Trail funding, better bus service, expanded cycling-friendly programs, and to de-fund the widening of Hwy 1. I also engaged an energetic fellow who was quite concerned about the notorious Guy McPherson and his message of human extinction within decades due to climate change. No, we're not looking at human extinction or anything close to it, in the next few decades, due to climate change. I led him to the Presentations I had on debunking McPherson's message. Sage Goncheroff and his friend came by as well, and we got into a good discussion. He's quite central to Earth-friendly activism here in Santa Cruz County, and a leader in helping Cabrillo students experience the value of untrampled outdoors, and in helping clean up the our local environment. His friend wrote an impassioned telling of a famous Martin Luther King speech on the urgency of action when confronting moral choices (see below). She wrote it as a message we will be sending to our congressional representatives.

I also passed out flyers for my Astro 7 "Planetary Climate Science" course, and hope to have a few of the people I talked to be with me next semester.

Diane and I talk with a leader in the Pollinate action group, which is part of the Climate Justice effort led by my former student Dru. "Pollinate" has many social justice initiatives serving Santa Cruzan

A little girl who loved elephants and knew they were facing extinction, drew this touching scene of a dying Earth on her message to Congress

Sorry for the difficult photograph, but this is from a famous speech of Martin Luther King , will be sent to Congress

Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley: close friends Jay Friedland and Jeff Jolin helped create this local company - was there showing off their latest superfast electric motorcycles