The Rosemary Greiner Peace Activism Awards - 2016

I nominated 3 of my students from my Astro 7- "Planetary Climate" course for their outstanding efforts in community giving and activism in climate education. Roland has been very active in outreach to high schools in bringing climate literacy to science teachers there, and has even acted as producer for a high quality film "Climate Change Hits Home - Santa Cruz" on the local effects of climate change already underway. Robert likewise has been very active in climate education and activism in the Santa Cruz Climate Action Network. And Maria Perez has been doing great work in Watsonville in local community organic garden initiation, in mentoring elementary school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and in English. I was proud to have all 3 be award winners for these scholarship funds to help them in their lives and in their work

Roland talks briefly about his efforts, and says some very nice things about my Astro 7 "Planetary Climate" course

Julie Edwards presents Robert his award

There were 10 award winners campus-wide, all doing great work (two, including Maria, could not be present)