The Climate Mobilization Project - Rally

June 14, 2015

I've been active in public education on the seriousness of future climate change. This new organization - Climate Mobilization - they get it. We need a World War II style drop-everything and-focus-on-protecting-the-future effort, because the tipping points to an irreversible grim climate for thousands of years is happening right now, not decades from now. The tipping points are already being passed as we waffle on this issue. Read more about the scientific justification for that statement here. Four activists and educators in this arena spoke at the clock tower downtown last weekend. I gave a 5 minute summary of what the future holds, even under the best case scenario, given the research published over the past few years. A longer set of images are at the Santa Cruz Indymedia site.

I spoke on the fact that even if all CO2 emissions are eliminated, temperatures at best will only remain constant, for many centuries to thousands of years, and that they are already too high to prevent massive polar melt and relentlessly rising seas. At today's CO2 levels, paleo data shows sea levels will rise 80 feet, submerging many of the greatest cities of the world.

I also invited people to sign up for my "Planetary Climate Science" Astro 7 course

Bruce Daniels, UCSC PhD and specialist in hydroclimatology, spoke on California's drought future

UCSC's Dr. Lisa Sloan and her team did a study in '05 predicting the persistent high pressure ridge which has caused our current drought, and predicts it will remain, and get worse over the coming years. Daniels holds up the predicted pressure map, Jack holds up the actual map, averaged over every day of 2013. There is close agreement.

Some of the attendees did a march after the talks. These pictures were from the ClimateMobilize site