A Christmas Weekend Run at Fall Creek

Dec 27, 2015

This was Sunday, after my Saturday adventure at Laguna Mountain. Could I do yet another 10 mile run back-to-back? I very much wanted to, to cap this Christmas 3 day holiday in my favorite local running trail. I got a late start, so it would require right up till sunset for the full mileage, if I didn't stop much for photos.

I love the delicious yellow of these mushrooms, even if the little guys themselves are not delicious

a patch of blue sky colored the whitewater of this little cascade

The Big Ben Tree - high point for this run. I stopped for just a quick 20 sec photo as it was already 4pm and I figured if I kept running, the sun would be setting when I got back to the car at 5pm.

When I got back down to Fall Creek, it was indeed dark, enticing me for a couple of deep dark in-the-spooky-forest shots, here of Fall Creek, labored over in Photoshop

This leaf had lain on this stream granite boulder for long enough, it seems, to have merged with it, until only a ghostly outline remained.