My last run of 2015, a sunset run on the main beach in Santa Cruz. I joined up with my friend Salvador, who was finishing up 5 miles while I was still on my first lap of 5 for me as well. He shared stories of going to Nationals in the Cross Country competition, which this year was held in the trails of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Pretty impressive competition, even in our 60+ age group. I'll see him again in 2 days, at the Rio Resolution 10K Race in Carmel on Jan 1. Promised I'd get a few shots of him, here.

On my second lap, I paused at the San Lorenzo River mouth to watch a lone egret spear-fishing for anchovies in the low tide. It made an elegant model...


Saldvador! Congratulations on an outstanding 2015!

His easy-going friendly way makes him, well, a work of art!

A curious harbor seal

And, that is all for 2015. Tomorrow Dec 31 is a rest day, preparing for the Rio Resolution 10K Race in Carmel on New Year's Day. My running miles totaled 1,027 for the year, and 150 in December alone. Nearly all of them were in beautiful and memorable places.