A Ride up to Swanton Loop

Jan 2, 2016

A cold, blustery Saturday felt right for my first long ride of '16. Up the coast to Davenport, to Swanton , up the valley, to the steep climb at the end, then back to Hwy 1 and down the coast to Santa Cruz.

Swanton Valley is a welcome detour off busy Hwy 1. It's home to some old ranches, apple orchards, several creeks

A pair of cyclists up ahead, from Team Spokesman. It's a popular loop.

The rugged coast north of Santa Cruz, from a little roadside truck stand - It's here nearly every week and has great deals on avocados. I make sure and bring along my waist pack and a cycling shirt with plenty of pockets. 10 Avo's are now mine

A storm is coming in late tonight, and made for dramatic late afternoon lighting on the steel-blue ocean

A 3 hour chilly 40 mile ride deserves re-fueling. Under all that fresh organic dinosaur kale is the last of the season's tomatoes, fresh herbs from my deck garden, mayo, and 3-seed sourdough