It had been months since Becky, Ezra and I had had an adventure together - it was time! Becky and Ezra love mushroom hunting, and that sounded just fine to me. We met in the upper reaches of Wilder Ranch State Park on a drizzly Thursday afternoon.

Me and Ezra examine some red Russulas - pretty, but they'll make you sick

Hmmm. Bad for you! Ezra decides he'll stomp on future examples of red Russulas!

...but not before another adorable picture

Our one GOOD find! A "Man on Horseback". This will provide a nice side dish at the dinner table

More fun than 'shrooms, is splashing in big puddles. The "Beck-meister" thought ahead and outfitted Ezra with tall rubber waders. Well, he still managed to fill 'em up with water

Back to 'shroom hunting. Ezra, now 5 years old, meticulously corrected my pronounciation each time I used the '70's fav term "'shroom" and said "No! It's MUSHroom!"

Becky finds a gnarly old 'shroom - not fit for eating, but impressive anyway

Like straight out of Alice in Wonderland, but still yucky as far as eating. We also found a few "cowboy's hankerchief" mushrooms, who's texture is like... well, the name says it all. No, we didn't collect them.


So, a sparse basket, alas. A couple'a small CandyCaps, and the Man on Horseback, is all that's edible. The red Russula's are just to show Alex when she gets home.

Totally fun little outing. It's so much fun to see Ezra all excited when he sees me. Such a great kid!