Running Through El Nino Rain in Fall Creek

Jan 16, 16

Gentle misty warm rain - El Nino rain - came down all Saturday. I thought I'd enjoy a quiet solitude run through Fall Creek in the afternoon. I was surprised when I arrived to see the parking lot full. Lots of others had the same idea I guess. Still, it was wonderful; I got a late start; 3pm, and I didn't quite make it all the way to the Big Ben tree before deciding I'd better turn around to make sure I got back while it was still light. Only a cresent moon and heavy clouds meant if I was out too late it'd be pitch dark and I'd have a heck of a time groping my way back. So, 9.6 miles was the final total. I could have probably gone the regular loop and still gotten back with enough dim light to survive, but as it was I still didn't make it back till 5:25pm and it was getting pretty dark gray, about 15 minutes after official sunset.

The foggy filter look was achieved not with some fancy software, but the old fashioned way - I had the camera in a plastic sandwich bag to protect it from the rain. Came out nicely!