A Winter Ride up Hwy 1 to Waddell Beach and around the Swanton Loop

Jan 18, 2016


The ride started sunny, but turned dark and moody as the next El Nino storm came over the western seas. It made for some dramatic lighting and I was glad I packed my little Canon camera for this 44 mile ride.


As I rode past Long Marine Labs, on the right side I saw the Homeless Gardens project was buzzing with activity. Parents and kids and volunteers, were pulling weeds and getting some organic education. I was intrigued and stopped, striking up a nice conversation with one of the volunteers. The gardens provide an opportunity for those who've had hard knocks from life to experience the pleasure of nurturing health from soil and plants, and has transformed lives.

Fascinating how the unconscious works; the theme of today seems, in hindsight, to be couples and loners. I felt inspired to let the camera guide me in capturing images that would take me deeper into this ground, it seems. Here, a field of new flowers brought out this playful couple, whom I photographed from a distance using the telephoto setting

During apple season, here at the upper end of Swanton Valley, are orchards of every imaginable variety, each labelled. You can walk in and pick your own apples off the tree, leaving a donation at the little money box at the gate across from the Old School Hous, which dates back over 100 years

A lone pine, sharp against a misty gray fog muting these tree lines in the background

lichens add character and color to this old split rail fence at the top of Swanton Rd on the ridge.

A copule of kids frolic in the waves at Waddell beach in the low winter sun, as dad photographs them.

A figure on the distant bluff, alone with his thoughts

A pair of birds take a rest from their busy flights and admire each other