Santa Cruz Track Club Annual Awards Banquet

Jan 24, 2016


I'd planned to be in Death Valley for the Tullamore Dew Running Club trail running adventure this Saturday night, but a combination of too much work put onto my plate by the Dean late in the week, and feeling my hip wasn't ready for the kind of mileage I wanted to do there, decided me to stay home. The nice benefit was being able to attend our SCTC banquet. Sorry I didn't get great pics; just too little available light and no manual ISO control on my pocket camera.

Anyway, my small moment of glory was getting my second "1000 Mile Club" award. This past year, 2015, I logged 1028 miles, which is almost a 5K run per day, on average. We had nine of us this year! Even more, we had four, including Dave Delucchi and Greg Hales, who got over 2000 miles. That is almost a 10K run every day - how to find the time for such a thing, for full time employed people, is an amazing dedication.

Vice Pres Diane presents the engraved glasses, with something to fill 'em with too, to the nine 1000 mile clubbers

The 2000 milers are a tough, elite group. Too fuzzy to make out? (sorry 'bout that). That's Dave and Greg on the right.

Pounding out a 10k per day, Delucchi can easily ingest this and still not have an ounce of fat on him

Prime rib, red potatoes, fresh veges, salad, salmon... dinner was good!