A Holiday Ride up Eureka Canyon

Feb 15, 2016

President's Day. I'd planned to be in Carrizo Plain, doing the Caliente Peak run, followed by an afternoon graze in the Hyades. But I decided my hip wasn't up for the run, and I got involved with doing taxes... Jumping into taxes is like jumping into an icey cold swim -Once you get in and acclimate, you just want to keep going until you flame out or finish (flame out, in this case). So, that was my Sunday. I did get a good strong start on my Form 8949, and decided I'd keep at it until late, and then reward myself on Monday with a good training ride for next month's Solvang Century before resuming work. The 57 mile loop from home, out to Eureka Canyon, up to Highland, around to the Summit Store, west to Hwy 17 and Mtn Charlie road, down to Scotts Valley, over the ridge to Branciforte, and down to Santa Cruz one of my favorite rides. Along the way, I met up with a Mtn View cyclist who drove over the hill and was doing basically the same ride, starting from Pleasure Pizza. My new facebook friend, Drew!

Reading last night about the thermodynamics of Civilization and the limits that imposes on halting climate change, only emphasized how little we can afford further growth - and then early in my ride I encounter this new structure: Who the heck needs a garage this big? - an owner of 4 Monster trucks??

Eureka Canyon and Corralitos Creek. A nice pause

Further up the mountain, my favorite little stream was running strong. Major refreshment here, and a good place to munch my English muffin of PB&J

Near Camp Loma, I meet Drew from over the hill, doing the same ride. We stayed together all the way back to Santa Cruz, parting ways here at Water St. He was enjoying his new carbon bike, after getting strong riding steel for years.