A (Longer than Expected) Run to Mary's

Feb 21, 2016

When I saw my long-time friend Mary at the Turkey Trot 10K last November, I mentioned I run in Fall Creek often, and that I thought some day I'd stretch it to get all the way to the top of the mountain and say hi. The right moment seemed to be today. I'd been doing some special workouts at the gym to strengthen my left hip, and wanted to give it a good test today. I couldn't find my Fall Creek map, but guessed Mary's was maybe only another mile and a half or so past the Big Ben Tree to her place. I'd done a 40 mile ride the day before and slept in late, and didn't get on the trail at Fall Creek till 11:45am. Still figuring I'd be able to have a long visit before having to head back down. Weeeellllll, it was a little longer than I thought. I'd figured it was maybe a 14 mile total run I was setting myself up for. Wrong. It was 19 before I got back, and about 3,000 ft of total climbing. But it all went well! Yeah, I was tired for the last few miles, but all of my leg muscles more or less ran out of gas slowly and together. Part of that was not fueling properly. In a rush, I just a banana and half an apple for breakfast; I was late. I did pack a couple of English muffin sandwiches - one PBJ, one kale and mayo. And a small 6pack of ShotBlox. Not enough. I figured later that was about 550 calories, good enough for hard trail running for 2 to 2.5 hrs at most. I was out there 5 hrs, plus about 45min of chatting with Mary. I was outta gas after about 13 miles, barely getting me down off the top of the mountain. Better planning next time!

At the upper creek crossing - last stream water for another 10 miles.

Mary was excited to show me her latest paintings, and pictures from her week at her Markleville cabin. She lives at the tippy top of Bonny Doon Mountain, at 2660 ft elevation

Her 3 dogs and 2 cats were extremely glad to see me

On the run back down, it was good to see Lost Camp's spring was once again running like in the pre-drought days