A Post Storm Run up West Ridge

Mar 6, 2016

This was supposed to be just a little 3 mile run from the Park entrance, before I went to my office to get much-needed work done. But, I got energized by all the water running off the hillsides after last night's big storm, and felt good, and just kept going. In the end, it was 13 miles, not 3, but I didn't bring any food, and in fact only had 1 apple for breakfast before heading to the gym. Underpowered! By a lot. That caught up with me by mile 9. Anyway, it was still a glorious run, and I grabbed a few nice shots...

high up on the ridge

wood ear mushrooms from below

A refreshing drink from a newly minted stream

a traveller balances on a log to cross the swollen Aptos Creek, which looked like a Class IV kayak adventure

Looks like a whitewater kayaker's paradise, but this colorful new streamlet is only about 2 inches wide in reality