A Rainy Run Through Fall Creek

Mar 20, 2016

The first day of spring came in wet. Today, I had planned to be doing the Oakland Half Marathon with Rick and Dave D, but my hip had been slow to recover from the previous weekend's Solvang Century and I also felt the time pressure of Cabrillo work, and bailed out. But by afternoon, I felt I needed to get out there - I drove up to Felton and did my usual Fall Creek 10 mile loop. However, I had expect the predicted rains would wait till evening. Nope - I had sprinkles giving way to good soaking rain during my trail run

My favorite waterfall was nicely running, so I had to try a few trailrunner shots

It was actually quite wonderful to run through the rain, even though I was a bit cold up on top, at the Big Ben Tree here. The fancy plastic film filtered look was achieve not in software, but by a genuine sandwich bag in which my Canon camera rode.