Spring OpenWater Swim 'Round the Wharf

Mar 26, 2016

Lisa A. suggested to the Westend Wharf and Wine Swim Club that we do an openwater swim on Saturday morning. I'd been busy Friday evening so missed my first chance to get into the ocean. It's the first weekend of Spring, and the water temperatures had warmed to a "toasty" 57F and that sounded good enough for me. We ended up with a small group of 4.

Hannah, Lisa, Cheryl, and I (puppys didn't swim, no)

Lisa brought her puppies and this fellow was having fun gnawing on driftwood

Lisa was training for a September ultradistance swim - from Santa Cruz to Monterey. No wet suit for her!

Nothing like a good cold ocean swim to get the endorphins pumping

Lisa swam with a GoPro, here we are just heading off.

Jogging home, flowers at their peak around the block from my place

...including this perfect poppy in the front yard of astronomer and friend Bill Mathews and our Mayor Cynthia Matthews.

Later, I rode up to Davenport to enjoy this homemade eggs and red onion wrap I'd cooked up and stowed in my jersey, and also enjoy one of the Whale City Bakery's fine oatmeal cookies