Every spring Nicene Marks State Park needs a couple of seasonal bridges installed. Today was the day. I had had great comrardy and refreshingly wet experiences installing bridges once before. So I was onboard. After a round-the-wharf swim to start the day, I drove to Nicene and tracked down the crew. Was pleased to see Astro clubber Chris Angelos there as well - he's been great about volunteering his time and efforts in many venues around the county. In fact, he'd be joining me for some "tree work" at the observatory as soon as we finished with the bridge.








Cutting some Big Trees... At Cabrillo Observatory

This El Nino year has powered the already bothersome "junk" trees that surround the observatory to objectionable levels. It was time to take action. A few weeks earlier I'd "RoundUp" 'd every poison oak leaf I could find in the observatory area, so I anticipated I'd be able to go at these trees like Jason in the hockey-mask of the "Friday the 13th" film franchise. I had my SA III Becky, her son Ezra, and Astro clubber Chris Angelos for physical or moral support

Now that the big trees were down, it was safe for Ezra to join the fun



Becky puts the finishing touches on the base pads

Ezra had fun with the styrofoam and I taught him how to use a Phillips head screwdriver










Voil'a! Scope constructed, and I'd bought extra handles so the base could be picked up by two people, to save back pains. Our 3rd SkyQuest 10" now in the line-up!