A Ride Up Eureka Canyon

May 14, 2016

Tomorrow was the Tilden Tough 10 Miler, so perhaps not the best time to do a 60 mile mountainous ride. But I really WANTED to, and so - I did. I parked at the gym so I could do a good soak in the cold plunge afterwards, mounted my Serrotta, and headed off into the hills, to Corralitos, to Eureka Canyon, up past free-running streams, to the Summit, to Summit Store for a late lunch, and then over to Mountain Charlie to descend into Scotts Valley, to Branciforte, up to St. Clares Retreat, to Casalegno's, and down to Soquel and the gym in Capitola. 60 miles, 4700 ft of climbing. A great ride!

Into the forest! How fun

I stop at Corralitos Creek near the start of the switchbacks on Eureka Cyn Rd, for a refreshing moment

On Old Summit Rd, I stop to help an alligator lizard (have many fond memories of these as pets in my youth), off the road and out of harm's way

Casalegno's. I was intrigued to see that the "Lost tortoise" sign, a familiar note taped to the window for the past decade, was gone. Did they finally track him down?? Alas no, but that very day they did get a call (but the caller had found a turtle, not a tortoise! People - you MUST discrimate between your turtles and your tortoises!)