Eureka Cyn 60 miler on Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2016

I felt the desire to do another good climbing ride, bringing along my notecorder and take advantage of the IQ boost I always feel when I'm out there with my heart rate up there. Worked out well! Got lots of great ideas, mostly on climate-related things, and actually felt pretty strong on the tough hills in the first 30 miles. I think the fact I've done ~4500 ft climb rides the past two weekends helped, as did the "5-hr Energy". But where I made my mistake (again), was rushing to get on the road and not getting properly fed. By mile 40 I was running on empty and I did a mental count of what I had in the tank. Let's see; I had just a half glass of my morning smoothie, preferring to pour the rest into a post-ride quick recharge. That was the first mistake. I grabbed a fig bar and a Kind bar (my last bars at home, alas) for the fanny pack, and made a small sandwich of sliced mushrooms and homegrown herbs. Shoulda opted for twice as big a sandwich, and of PB&J. As it was, I figured I had only about 400 calories in the tank by the time I took my last bite, halfway through the ride. Still some big hills to come, out of Scotts Valley, and Branciforte, and Mtn View Drive... by which time I was hungry, I mean HUNGRY! All I could think about was that thermos of cold patented Smoothie with MetRx waiting in the car at the gym. That hit the spot, good enough to get me through a 1000 yd swim workout before heading home.

A warm day, and I needed a good soaking in Corralitos Creek just before the road hits the switchbacks up to the summit

Halfway up the climb to the summit, my favorite little stream. This feels really really GOOD! A study in happy feet.

The water here is sweet! And I fill my belly and then fill my 2nd water bottle, which was barely enough to get me through the 60 full miles on this warm day