Running the Bridge Creek / Hoffman Loop

May 30, 2016

It was Memorial Day... my original plan was to drive up to Pt Reyes and run to Allamere Falls, something I've always wanted to do. But, I thought again when I woke up; it was going to be a traffic situation most likely, and a 2 hr drive at least, each way, and there'd be a ton of people on the trails there. I've got weeks more of Spring that I could do this on a less crowded day. Still, I wanted to do a good hilly run, and decided to do a 9 + 9 "brick", riding out from Cabrillo to Nicene Marks, to Margaret's Bridge and then do the Hoffman / Bridge Creek loop, with another 2 miles thrown in at the top, going up the Connector and doing that triangle with West Ridge. Also, the Nicene Half Marathon is next Saturday and I'll almost certainly miss it, in favor of an astrophotography trip I'm leading with friends. This run today would get me onto most of that half marathon course.

At the bottom of the Big Stump Trail, Bridge Creek has a small population of frogs, which I always greet with the enthusiasm of the kid I once was. This was Mamma frog

And this was baby frog

At the top of the West Ridge Connector, I stop for a sandwich and a swig of "5 hr Energy"


Poison oak was everywhere, here guarding a little flower

The mile below the Hoffman Site is my favorite stretch for running; gentle downhill with no underbrush and tall redwoods to enjoy

A nice pond on a small side stream, good for a cooling splash

I spotted my first ripe berries of the season - an unexpected treat - and ate my fill for the next 15 minutes!