Bernie Does Santa Cruz

May 31, 2016

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came to the Kaiser Arena downtown today, to give a speech before the California Primary which is next Tuesday. It's a pretty strong Bernie town here, and I had a lot of friends who would be there, so I took some time in the morning to run down and capture some of the excitement. It was definitely a good vibe. This was the first presidential rally I'd been to since I was dragged down to Whittier College as a kid by my parents to listen to Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon bloviate in 1960. I was not thrilled. This time was definitely more fun. What with Bernie's advocacy for free college education, Europe-style, and with Santa Cruz county beings such a strong college town, it was pretty obvious there'd be a big turnout of supporters. Estimates of about 5,000. The Arena has only 3,000 seats, but another thousand or so could be on the floor, leaving many outdoors.

Bernie-phernailia were on sale all along the 5,000 person line, which wound around over two river bridges

Fresh, straight up in their communication - that's why students are great!

Citizens United being the corporate machinery for laundering the names on corporate money to politicians

An abstract artist like only Santa Cruz can create.

Garrett was there too, getting signatures on an initiative

It's Bernie! Er, no wait... that's me. Darn new iPhone learning curve. I must've hit a wrong button.

Bernie's in the Arena. They said there'd be speakers outdoors for those who couldn't get in, but no. Still, it was a bonding experience being down there

Bernie as sex symbol? Refreshing that this frumpy old guy is such a hero to so many 20 something's

I saw a lot of Cabrillo students, many of them mine. This T-shirt was a nice, nerdy creation

Chuckwalla's for Bernie!