A 14 mile Run to Sand Point

This weekend's featured event was going to be the Tour de Cure Century Ride, an 80 mile 6,000+ foot effort on Sunday. I really wanted to do a long trail run as well, and it would help me to do two hard efforts this weekend, prepp'ing for the June Lake Triathlon next month, and the Pikes Peak race a month later. So, today I would bike to the base of the West Ridge Trail and run up to Sand Point and back.

The run would be w/o stream water, except near the beginning, at the low end of the West Ridge Trail. The de rigor shot of the moments of refreshment

A beautiful red flower farther up.

Young alligator lizard, a fine physical specimen, showing off on the trail

Beautiful views of the distant ocean from Sand Point. Hey, you West- Ridge illegal mtn bikers, look up from your phones for a second!

At the West Ridge Trail camp