Complimentary Bricks

June 19, 2016

"Brick" - a slang term used by triathletes to refer to a combined run-and-bike workout. At our Wednesday evening swim, Ferrell hatched a plan to spice up our training for the Pikes Peak Ascent half marathon coming up in August. A couple years back, we'd done a car/run exchange, where I drove up to the top of Ormsby and he'd run up, then I ran down while he drove down. This time, we'd skip the car and use my mountain bike. Instead of Eureka Canyon though, I wanted to ride up the Nicene Marks fire road, as I'd not done that in a long time and it would also work better for our schedule.Sounded great to me; we met at 8am at the entrance to the park, and Rick and John Anderson ran for a few miles till Ferrell veered up West Ridge. I rode slowly with them for the first mile, then took off. Rick ran well, and he caught up with me at a giant old growth redwood a half mile above Sand Pt. From there, we were together to the top of Santa Rosalia, and on down to the green gate. There, I gave him his helmet and gatorade bottle, my bike, and also my helmet to strap to the handlbars. Then he took off down to Ormsby, Eureka Canyon, Corralitos, through the hills to Aptos and the entrance to Nicene, while I did my run back down to Sand Pt and then West Ridge back to the entrance. 14 mile bike w/ 2,600 ft of climbing, and then a ~14 mile run back down. I was gratified that my left hip didn't act up. My new theory is - do lateral hip stretches for long periods with 20lb ankle weight around my knee to really crank it over. And at the first hint of inflammed hip tendons, ice completely. That seems to fix me up far better than rest and ibuprofen ever did. It worked today. In fact, the prior day, Saturday, I tried to do a short run to the beach and my hip said "no". Nothing! But the ice got me fixed right up so that the much tougher Sunday adventure went fine, and no after effects either, as I write this 3 days later.

Diagraming exactly where I'd leave his water bottle

John Anderson was starting his morning run, and so we set off together.

I pause for a rest and a few pix at Sand Point

Later, we joined up. Ferrell's up ahead here

At the top of Santa Rosalia Mountain, 2540 ft elevation

At the Green Gate.Time to re-configure

Rick's ready to roll, on my mtn bike. Some other bikers from Highland Way are coming up

"The Wall" below Santa Rosalia, now at a nice jog

There's one brief spot on West Ridge where you get a beautiful view south, down towards the park entrance off on the horizon. Here, it's about a mile south of the Trail Camp

The only stream on West Ridge, near the bottom of the trail - I'd been looking forward to this for the past 3 hours. A thorough dunk and splash, and drinking deep.

On the side trail below the Steel Bridge, another pause for refreshment. The seasonal bridge in the background was the effort of a work crew I joined a few months ago