West End Wharf and Wine Swim Club - Fri Evening Swim

July 1, 2016

A great way to greet the 3 day holiday; the weekly swim around the wharf. 1750 yards of cold refreshment which stimulates a good strong stroke to get it done quickly. It was a small group, and I got there late. By the time I was in my suit, the last swimmer was half way to the end of the wharf. Caught him 100 yards before landing out front of the Cocoanut Grove. Ran back to my gear, showered off, then did a barefoot run to the river. On the way back, I heard the driving guitar chords of "Town Without Pity" from the Boardwalk stage on the beach. Nice! The Tubes were the first act of the summer concert on the beach series. I loved that song back in the day. So I got my camera and returned, listened to a couple more classics, snapped a picture or three, and finished my run. The famous sky train going all around the Boardwalk, carries a couple of pretty girls watching the festivities. Lead singer Fee Waybill in his "prison" uniform, entertained.