A Shakedown Run in Fall Creek State Park

Aug 13, 2016

Do or die time for deciding if I can do Pikes Peak next Saturday. My hope was to leave Monday morning and arrive in Manitou Springs on late Thursday. But my left psoas has been so irritated as to forbid any but the shortest runs since the Donner Lake triathlon. I'm working hard on core and glute exercises from Smitty, but progress has beens slow. My thought was, if I could do this, my standard 11 mile hilly run, with minimal pain, I'd go for it. After 4 miles of easy running up along the creek, I was optimistic I might actually be ready. But only a mile later, it was clear I was in trouble, and well before the Big Ben Tree I was reduced to walking, not even power hiking. Back to thinking my plans are shelved. Anyway, I did take a few nice pictures along the creek at strategic rest spots.