A Pre-Ironman Swim Around the Wharf

Sept 9, 2016

We had a larger crew than usual for the SCTA Friday ocean swim; 20 intrepids, many preparing for the Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz race on Sunday. The water was about 57F or so it felt. And, soupy red - red tide? But otherwise, it was a delightful swim. Michael and Rich provided expert support on the paddling, and Michael, as usual, did great photography to capture the moments. Thanks to all!

We decided this time to do it clockwise, as it will be in the race. We're walking from the Dream Inn to the Boardwalk for our start

Our start; I'm in the orange cap at far left

Great support from Rich and Michael

wine'n'diners on the Chardonnay II toured the bay near our swimmers. After I got out, I quickly exited my wetsuit and did a run barefoot on the beach down to the river mouth and back to warm up; a little over a mile. By then everyone was out and cleaning up at the showers.

Gina and I; big smiles from Gina after a gratifyingly successful mile swim in that unpredictable ocean. Some chop, a bit of wind. But A-OK.