The Santa Cruz Triathlon is in a week. We had a good group out for the usual Friday 5:30pm swim around the wharf. We again swam in race clockwise direction. Weather was clear, smoke-free, and the water temperature was perfect. We were treated to a sea otter out at the end of the wharf, with an easy dozen cluster of mussels and taking his time munching them, oblivious to our swimming and "otter'ing" around him. Quite a nice little bonding with Nature - I loved the moment!


Goggle reflections

Our crew. Michael Peck again supplied expert paddling watchdog'ing, as great pictures

I lagged behind a bit, and then was called over by a half dozen young bikini'd lovelies who wanted me to use their camera and take some pictures of them in the water. How could I refuse my expert photographic skills? I could not, of course. A nice moment!

I look like I'm in trouble, but in fact am having a great swim here

The Boardwalk in back, and the harbor jetty in the distance. Our mile swim nearing the end of the wharf here

nice toes!

With so many swimmers here mimic'ing our otter friend's pose, perhaps he felt at home and didn't mind our presence